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Paraformaldehyde Production with Independent Cleaning Process


The distinctive feature of the new Paraformaldehyde process developed by Hebei University of Science and Technology is the simultaneous production of 0.26 tons of urotropine by using by-product light formaldehyde together with the production of 1 ton of Paraformaldehyde. As much as 10,000 yuan, not only improved device efficiency, but also to achieve the clean production of Paraformaldehyde
Paraformaldehyde is one of the main raw materials of glyphosate. In recent years, the significant increase in the global acreage of genetically modified crops has led to an increase in the consumption of the herbicide glyphosate. In 2006, China became the world's largest exporter of glyphosate. At present, many domestic glyphosate manufacturers are increasing their production capacity, and there are new investors entering the production of glyphosate and its upstream raw materials, Paraformaldehyde. In the field, there has been an upsurge in the construction of Paraformaldehyde devices. 
According to incomplete statistics, at present, China's production capacity of Paraformaldehyde is approximately 100,000 tons, of which the production capacity of the equipment constructed using the introduction technology is approximately 60,000 tons, and the capacity of the equipment constructed using domestic technology is approximately 40,000 tons. The product produced by the introduction of the Paraformaldehyde device has uniform particles, excellent dissolution performance and a good operating environment. However, the cost of introducing the device is very high. Generally, the introduction of a set of 10,000 tons/year Paraformaldehyde equipment often requires 80 million to 100 million yuan, and the investment recovery period is about 5 years; while the construction of domestic technology devices of the same scale requires only 10 million. Yuan, the investment can be recovered in up to two years. However, the polyoxymethylene products produced by domestic technology have a high degree of polymerization, a low water activity index, and a poor operating environment. 
Hebei University of Science and Technology refers to foreign advanced technology and combines with the specific conditions of some small and medium-sized enterprises in China. It will introduce scraper concentration and rake drying technology into Paraformaldehyde production so that the quality and consumption indicators of the products will reach foreign standards. The new Paraformaldehyde process has achieved three major innovations: First, the use of dilute formaldehyde, which cannot be recycled in the traditional process, is used in the joint production of urotropine to achieve cleanliness of the entire process, and zero discharge of solid and liquid wastes. The company's economic and social benefits; Second, the process is simple, less investment, the same size of investment is equivalent to about 1/8 of foreign technology; Third, material consumption, energy consumption dropped significantly. 

According to the project researchers, there is still a slight gap between the current water activity index and the introduction of technical products. This is also the direction of the project team's next efforts to improve. They will look for powerful drying equipment manufacturers to solve together. This problem.

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